Can I send my luggage to the hotel?

Yes. We can receive and keep them for you.Please note that we can’t keep raw items, frozen items or baggage sent by cash on delivery.
Please make sure that your full name,your check-in date and your contact informatiaon are incleded on the shipping label.
[Delivery address] 6-22 Tenma-cho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-0025 Hotel and Spa Gift TAKAYAMA

Can I leave my luggage before check-in on the day of arrival?

Yes.We can keep your luggageat the front desk even before check-in on the day of arrival.
After check-out we can keep your luggage only available on the same day.

What time is check-in/check-out?

Check-in time at 3:00 PM and check-out time at 11:00 AM.

I left something in my room, what should I do?

Lost items will be kept for two weeks from the check-out date, so please contact the front desk.
Please note that food and drinks will be stored for two days before being discarded.
Opened food and drinks may be discarded within one day depending on the condition.

【Contact/Hotel Front】0577-32-6210

Can I extend my stay even after the check-out time?

Yes. Depending on your accommodation situation, you may not be able to extend your stay, so please contact the front desk in advance.

Can I freely switch the air conditioner (cooling/heating) in the guest room?

Yes. You can freely set the temperature in your room.

Are cancellation waitlists taken?

Unfortunately, we do not accept cancel waits at our hotel. Please check the room availability once more. We apologize for the inconvenience.

About the guest rooms
Breadth(㎡)Bed size(cm)CapacitySleeping Together for child
Double bed14.55~15.85140×200(Double bed)2Up to 1 preschool child
Twin15.52~19.78110×200×2(Single Bed)2Up to 2 preschool child
Universal Twin28.22~29.72120×200×2(Semi-double bed)2Up to 2 preschool child
Superior Twin27.10~35.12120×200×2(Double Bed)2Up to 2 preschool child
Junior Suite40.14~43.92160×200×2(Queen size Bed)4Up to 2 preschool child
Suite53.13~61.41160×200×2(Suite)4Up to 2 preschool child
Can I smoke in the room?

No.All rooms are non-smoking rooms. (*Electronic cigarettes are also not allowed)
The smoking area is outside.

How should I store my valuables?

There are no safes in the rooms, so please leave your valuables at the front desk for safety.
Please bring it to the front desk.

What equipment are there?

Tooth brushing cups/Glasses/ Mugs/Hair dryers/Hangers/Cold storage/TVs/Electric kettles.

What amenities are there?

Shampoo/Face towels/Bath towels/Slippers, etc.
Other amenities available at the front desk.Please bring them from the amenity bar on the 1st floor.

Is Wi-Fi availabe?

We have a wireless Wi-Fi service.
The ID and password are displayed on the card holder given to you at check-in and on the TV screen(information)in the guest room.
There is also a co-working space on the 1st floor.
In addition to Wi-Fi, you can use table seats and counter seats with power outlets.

Is it possible to request a higher floor?

If you contact us or send request in advance, we will try our best to meet your request.
Please note we cannot guarantee the room depending on certain circumstances.

Facility Information

Is there a curfew?

Last check-in is 0:00 AM.
We will be locking the main entrance at 1:00AM for safety.
If you are staying at hotel using keycards,you will be able to enter the hotel using you room key.
If you are not staying at hotel,please use the doorbell at the side of the entrance to notify the staff inside.

Are there vending machines or ice machines?

Ice machines are located on the 1st floor, and vending machines are located on the 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 9th floors.

Are there convenience stores nearby?

There is no convenience store within the building.
There is a Family Mart within 2 minutes by walk from the hotel.

Is there a coin laundry?

Coin laundry located on 1st floor(washing machine,clothes dryer)available 24hours a day(with charge).
Standard…600 yen/time, Small quantity…500 yen/time, Washing only…400 yen/time, Dry only…100 yen/30 minutes


Is there a public bath?

There is large public bath is on the 9th floor.
・Sodium carbonated spring/weakly alkaline
・Sauna, cold bath, open-air bath, outdoor bath space, indoor bath
Open hours: AM 6:00~AM 10:00 PM 3:00~AM 0:00 *Entry by 30 minutes before closing time.
The hot bath lobby lounge is equipped with rocking chairs, sofas, and massage machines.
You can use it to take a break after taking a bath or to meet up.


Is there a restaurant?

It’s on the 1st floor.
・Breakfast buffet…AM 6:30-AM 10:00(Entry by 9:30 AM)
・Dinner/Bar…PM 5:00~AM 0:00(Last order PM 11:30)
Guests who wish to have the breakfast buffet can purchase it on the day.
Dinner must be reserved in advance and cannot be purchased on the day.


Is there a parking lot?

There are 8 parking spaces on-site and 2 partner parking lots nearby (34 spaces in total).

  • Parking fee: 1,100 yen (tax included)/night
  • Usage hours: 1:00 PM – 1:00 PM the next day
  • Reservations not possible/first come first served

Please see access for details.
Motorcycles are the same as cars, and each bike can be used in one slot.
There is no parking lot available for large buses, so please contact the hotel in advance.

Is there coin parking near the hotel?

Yes. Please click here and check the parking information more details.
The prices and business hours of the coin parking on the linked map are subject to change without notice.

How can I get there from JR Takayama Station?

5 minutes walk from Takayama Station, Please see access for details.

Are there shuttle bus sservices?

There are no shuttle bus services.

Can I have a taxi arranged?

Taxis are not stationed at the hotel, so we will arrange them for you.
*We may not be able to accept your order depending on the taxi delivery situation.

With children

Is it possible to share a bed?

Children are welcome to stay at the hotel. Up to one child can sleep with each bed.

Are children’s amenities available?

We have amenity sets for children(slippers, toothbrushes, etc.)and a limited number of room wear for children.

Are cribs availabel?

We have cribs available, but limited number available so please contact front desk service in advance.

Please advice to me the accommodation fee for children.

If the child is over elementary school or older, we charge as an adult.

Nearby information

Are there convenience stores nearby?

There is a Family Mart within a 2 minute walk.

How long does it take to Takayama Jinya/Jinya Farmer’s Market?

There is Farmer’s Market within 8 minutes by walk from the hotel.

How long does it take to Miyagawa Farmer’s Market?

There is a Farmer’s Market within 10 minutes by walk from the hotel.

How long does it take to the old town?

There is a old town within 10 minutes by walk from the hotel.

How long does it take to Nakabashi?

There is Nakabashi within 10 minutes by walk.

Any recommendations for restaurants nearby?

If you are looking for a restaurant near the hotel, please contact the front desk staff.


Is there a space to change clothes outside of the guest room?

There is no space other than the guest room where you can change your clothes.

Are there rental Wheelchairs? Do I need to make a reservation?

Rental Wheelchairs are not available. We will give you information about rental wheelchairs nearby the hotel.

Can I exchange foreign currency?

Unfortunately, foreign currency exchange is not available at the hotel. We give information to you nearby facilities.

Is credit card accepted?


Is electronic money or QR code accepted?

You can use PayPay, Edy, ID, and transportation electronic money.

Are there ATMs inside the hotel?

There is no ATM within the hotel.

Cancellation Fee

For accommodation cancellations, we will charge the following cancellation fee based on the accommodation terms and conditions.

【Standard cancellation policy】

No-show100% of accommodation fee
On the day of your stay/
the day before
100% of accommodation fee
2 dayprior to
accommodation day
50% of accommodation fee
~3 days prior to
accommodation day

【Group cancellation policy】

No-show100% of accommodation fee
On the day of your stay/
the day before
100% of accommodation fee
2-7 days prior to
accomodation day
50% of accommodation fee
8-14 days prior to
accommodation day
30% of accommodation fee
~15 days prior to
accommodation day

※Reservations for 10 rooms or more must be made as a group.
※Please contact the hotel directly if you change the number of people.

What are the available rental items?

The following rental items are available.
Pillows/Towels/Chargers/Humidifiers/Air Cleaner/Steam Irons, etc.
There is a list of rental items in the in-room information book, so please contact the front desk.
Please note that numbers are limited and are offered on a first-come first-serve basis.