Onsen(Spa)Open Hours
6:00-10:00(Entry by 9:30)
15:00-24:00(Entry by 23:30)

Sodium Carbonate Spring/Weak Alkaline

Takayama view,
Top floor Public Bath and
Open-Air Bath with View

The top floor is ONSEN(Spa)spot.
A slightly alkaline hot spring that bubbles up from 1000 meters underground.
It is also known as the “beauty bath” due to its beautifying effect, making your skin soft and smooth.
Enjoy high-quality natural hot springs with alpine views.
Of course, you can also view it from the indoor bath.
A sauna, cold bath, and outdoor bath space are also available.


Sauna & Relaxation

Sauna,Cold Bath and outdoor air bathing space in Big bath area.
Sauna user and begginer both relax and feel our sauna facility.

After-bath Lounge space is equipped with rocking chairs, sofas, massage machines, etc.
You can also use it for a short break after taking a bath or to meet up.
Please relax and enjoy your stay in our comfortable relaxing space.