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Enjoy Hida Takayama!

First dayarrow-right

13:00 〜

Please ask the front desk if you would like your luggage kept in storage.

Don’t worry if you arrive early.
Why not leave your heavy luggage at the hotel and go for a walk around the city?
Of course, you can also use the parking lot before check-in.

15:00 〜


Advance payment is recommended for smooth check-in.
After checking in, you can relax in your room, take the public bath(Onsen), or make plan your trip in the lobby.
Front desk staff will offer you to recommend sightseeing spots.

Coworking Space
17:00 〜 21:00(L.O. 20:30)


After coming back to the hotel, you will have wonderful dinner at our restaurant.
Please enjoy your dinner with Hida beef and seasonal ingredients.


Go to the proud large bath(Onsen)with 2 themes of stone and wood.

There is also a sauna, cold bath, and a deep space, so sauna lovers can also enjoy it.
You can also see the view of Takayama from the open-air bath.

<Onsen usage hours>
15:00-24:00(Entry by 23:30)6:00-10:00(Entry by 9:30)

17:00 〜 24:00(L.O. 23:30)


After taking Onsen, you can enjoy the bar to cool off and relax.
We prepare alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks, and sweets.

Going to bed

In preparation for tomorrow, you can relax and heal the fatigue of your journey in our proud bed.

The 2nd dayarrow-right

6:30 〜 10:00(Entry by 9:30)


Go to a local buffet that incorporates ingredients from the Hida region.
(As we expect it to be crowded, please use the restaurant crowd check in front of the elevator on the 1st floor.)

〜 11:00

Check Out



Morning Market

There are two morning markets: Jinya-mae Square and along the Miyagawa River. There are seasonal delights such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers.


Hida Takayama Town Museum

There are 14 exhibition rooms where you can see things like the Takayama Festival, the history of townhouses and the castle town, literary figures and art with ties to the local area, and Enku, who has a deep connection to Hida.


Hida no Sato

It is a museum of private houses that represents the landscape of an old rural village, with over 30 typical Hida houses lined up, such as gassho-style houses that have withstood heavy snows and roofs thatched with oak.


Old townscape

The three streets of Kamimachi and Shitamachi, which developed as merchant towns in the center of the castle town, are full of restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine, as well as shopping spots for miso, traditional crafts, folk crafts, and sweets.


Takayama Jinya
(Nationally Designated Historic site)

This government office, called Jinya, was originally one of the residences of the Kanamori clan, the lord of Takayama Castle, and was the place where magistrates and county leaders from Edo conducted politics after Hida came under the direct control of the Tokugawa shogunate. Takayama is the only place left in the country.



The red Nakahashi Bridge is a representative bridge in Hida Takayama that spans the Miyagawa River that flows through the center of the city.
You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season: Cherry Blossoms in Spring, Fresh Greenery in Summer, Autumn Leaves in Autumn, and Snowy Scenery in Winter.